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Last week, the Hollywood Reporter announced the latest twist: The sisters are appealing to Vatican supreme court, the Apostolic Signatura, “challenging whether the archdiocese has authority over the property and the order itself.” The case has made good fodder for headlines and gossip columns.But for committed Catholics, the backstory is far more important, as it points to a deeper issue.They agreed to let us come into their schools and work with their faculty, and with their students and influence the development of Catholic family life.” “It was a disaster,” he lamented.In April 1967, Coulson met the whole community of more than 600 sisters.But the two sisters who remained living onsite didn’t take to Perry and instead tried to sell the estate to Hollister, who eventually offered million.In March, a judge ruled the archdiocese held rights to the estate and Perry was awarded legal control.Cordova [and others] stopped going to Mass at a.m.in the morning because nuns weren’t ‘required’ to go to Mass anymore.” With discipline dwindling and prayer becoming passé, spiritually, the sisters were gravely weakened.

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The first documented signs of trouble came in the early 1960s. Mary Aloyse, IHM superior, invited Dutch psychologist-priest Adrian van Kaam to lead the sisters in retreat exercises during which “all community rules were suspended.” This set in motion a dalliance with psychology, through which the sisters were diabolically influenced.He could not have imagined how bad things would soon become. Michael Jones writes, “In keeping with the spirit of the times,” the pontiff’s caveat “was all but universally ignored.