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Contrast Make Me Wanna Shout, where it's the act of speaking that causes the damage, and the words shouted are secondary if they're even intelligible. If the words themselves have no inherent power, but a character is still harmed by them, that's Verbal Weakness.

Steve: I went online and found out there's a cure for Ich.

She has had many other romantic encounters with other men while with Jeff. Despite her unfaithfulness she once went on a psychotic King Kong-like rampage at a local mall after Jeff broke up with her in "Pulling Double Booty".

According to Stan, Hayley will go into a rage if someone breaks up with her meaning a man cannot safely end a relationship with her, unless she breaks up with the man.

In her rage-filled state, she even killed the pet hamster and an autopsy later revealed that it had been pregnant.

Her outbursts have been so extreme that even Stan and Francine are frightened of her at times.

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In "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever" it was revealed that she was born on a trip to Africa after Stan ignored doctors advice who said Francine would give birth any day.

Despite her views, her actual personality is very similar to her father's.

): ♝ Receiving half-point byes were George Mirijanian, Bill Burke, Gary Brassard, Kyle Cullen, Gail Lingner, Ritvik Pulya and Raaga Pulya.… continue reading »

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weiter lesen Flirttipp: Das fünf-stufige Stimmungsmodell Ich kann dir einen Spruch sagen, mit dem du eine schöne Frau in der Strasse ansprechen kannst, der bei mir wunderbar funktioniert hat.… continue reading »

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Whats App has rolled out a new update to its i OS application that allows users to play You Tube videos right within the instant messaging app.… continue reading »

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Der eigentliche Werbetext deiner Anzeige gilt nicht als Bildtext.… continue reading »

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