How do dating sites get my email address

16-Dec-2017 00:54

If you don't want to receive it look for an 'unsubscribe' option. Very often spammers guess email addresses, so replying confirms you are a real person. 2: If you get any suspicious email, don’t click any links - they could be phishing scams to get your personal data. If you click a suspicious links change your password as soon as possible.

3: Create an alternative email address for signing up to websites and services.

This is a situation that calls for a "throw away" email address. As I mentioned above, spam is the most obvious result.

Before sharing an email address, go create a new one at one of the free email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or others, and give That way, you can give them your "real" email address once they gain your trust, and if they violate your trust, you can simply discard it. It's quite possible, perhaps even likely, that you'll end up getting more spam as a result of sharing your email address with someone who you're not quite sure of.

To check which version you get, go to com/mybt If you get two licences but want more, you can buy 15-licence BT Virus Protect for just £4 a month with the first month absolutely free.

I was on a dating site & I received a message from a lady & she gave me her email address so we could talk privately in which I emailed her back. Ultimately, it really depends on your own level of security savvy, as well as how you've used that email address in the past.

Now that she knows my email address, can anything bad or dangerous happen? For example, you could just have given your email address to a spammer.

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This is a little harder to qualify, because what I'm about to talk about is public information, but do this: Enter your email address into a search engine or two.2: Enter the name of the email address you want to block and click Save.

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