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The parachute truopa floated down from 80 big iran&port planea onto The«e three realdenta of Calator Townahlp In Ontario found the headless body of a man on a bed when they returned lo their "woods aback" home after an absence of three months. ’ south-southwest of Grande Prairie, messages, captured orders, prisoners- A skeleton staff of Canadlaru will of mall from home. N SLATED ' statements or any other Information remain at the s Uging centre re^idy Other Vancouver Island men ‘n a i . Flying Officer »*, ^-,uu.rf^hv rh« nf weeks has indicated special brigade when It arrives. Phll Up Lomas, cbe - ' F.s 424 Thunderblrd Squad- j to "y U»e aoulhem l urday. The main aspect Is that by retamlng In I custody, opportunities are afforded ;jnr ir Jiabi Utatlon and returning to I Ibclety as a decent d Uien." i FROTf CT SOCIETY I Observing that tha trio had been early Wednesday over Miami. Found After Four Days in \A two-way fight appears certain peeled If these Iw*; (igu Taa con- a. K '•»»» board for School District 63 eoclety must be .determined This subject and the Albrrta ha* aniwaiiw-Mi h* la will ’ whethei coundl mem- ^ "repeated cases" of u bers ahould be remunerated caused offenoea Mr. It passes off in a day or so and a doctor never is called In to diagnose the alckness. Wlortd Infant dauybur of Mr and Mra aiea Robert Campao U, of 144 Mont- raal Btxoet Prifou eerflce* will be h*IS al lha Bonda Mortoary Llm Ue S. IBtermo Bt la tho Roar Bay C*bu- T3BAUTXPVL IBM PVR "BMORTV.'- X' mad* fru A your aid fur coat Bnny your «al S fur cwai to p Mt*r* and wt'fl yif* you an latlmoia of th* mu Soroi* euat wiiheui ob Kyalion Rundroda of lad Ur ha** baon d»iyii Ud with thu now Poaur Ida*. Later they found the man's skull In a box beside the bed. with five men aboard, the arrival of the men who are now malntu: Private Sid Arkell and b U men and equipment mu . Jus Uat Maiwon thlr^ta^v WM“*«ble v defaato at a recent •*« ^». Maladies of this sort could et^ly be caused by the sewage-drenched soil In an area. BSQOl- ■ * malt Cammanlt* Clab 4M Btardao Btrra t O MP4 1 |Ancino'b^y baturday Mioirr I-' at Luxtpn Rail, pvodrrn and old-umt msaie by Ctorii Hair Xao D a Raral Cs Iujb* bxan A-pieco orchaatra |3l myaitry tuna, door pria*. Poo(bail Ptto(oai) Mai DUi Mr Jo* Dl Maadie Hank M^im* Al Horn* Parly - OPKR ALLRTB BVBRT Arrode AXlaya, Pt Abttwn CAMPBALL- Tbar* paaaad away al tba •oral Jukllaa Huap Ual on Prlday Or* to Mr 34. 743 Tatf* Strtoi ^BLT»~“ ARO~TRUa Bi« CAMPULl V ftttod in our prt*at* fll UBf-room. Dennis O'Brien and Timothy Cor- dlck, charged with assaulting a Uxl driver, John Dunn, and oeca.*lon- tng him actual bodily harm, were remanded to Monday afternoon to Nome • las T rmmrfi vu Toaia. Ooruriuding sltungs here, the British Ij^Iumbia Court of Appeal yea Cerday dismissed the appeal of Hugh Ewing, bolbr-room employee at Hyexoft Veterans' H« co DVloted of setting fire to the hoep Ua J and sentenced to ten years in prison by Police Magtitrsle Maekentte Mathr a o n . Bernard Isman noted that a psy- ohtatrlc examination of the man conducted prior lo the trial described lire accused as "psychopathic." but pronounced him fit to stand trial. Isman argued yesterday that the magistrate ahould have con- sidered tha psychiatrist's dlagnc Mis In determining whether the ad- mission was "voluntary" and ad- ml Mlble as evidence In trial. The court noted that a second psychiatrist called later in the case had said he did not think. wnf* «r vis A CASH WILL BE PAID FIVB-Pt BCE CHROME SET •-•! Chrome Tea Wagon Smooth ronnifl ETKA WAGON with chrome trim and lea». Yo Ui Vi«w BOX 4307, COLONIST Bfcofi# BSY11 a Observation Car AN INOKPXlf DKNT N|W8PAPKR THE ORGAN OP NO CLIQUE ON PAITTY Vk.(«rl« Ov Bcd And Optrtftd Th« Colonbt Printing tnd Pub Ut Mni Companjr Lbb Qlty 12U 0ro«d Victoria. When about one-eighth of the men absent themselves at the same time ob- viously a common feeling of dlssa Uafac Uon exists. In hla Slrd yoar Ha H aureltad b* otveral alatara m M ana kraihar In Bnytond H* wax a member of th* Briiannla Branch. The Chnsiion $ctnce Moeilor One, Norway Street, lotion 15 . U 5 *A Cr Kloted le $ 1 , for which pieo M verv J me The Chmtion Sertnea Monitor for orw month Pleading guilty to a charge of driving his car while his licence waa under sus- pension, Easton wss fined and coats. who pleaded guilty to a dangerous driving charge, waa fined and costs. A 1 II s t A rso II ( ]oii V i c t i 0 II at Standard NOW! Bright en Your Rooms with a TORCHERE rknine f Um and den. 3 out of 4 prefer Household Finance for fast friendly service. es MAss T uianr saa Msrsf coas MUi fmsaa otcsaiistt M Fkon*. Ss»f p'avi K iiphnltlrrcd «rs(* s”d hark* A heaijiy fur FOR DIAMONDS OLD GOLD JEWELLERY OLD ENGLISH SILVER OLD CHINA FIGURINES VASES, ETC. significance need be attached to Uie num* ber of men reported to be absent without leave. It is the elite quality of this force, however, that creates the dif- ference.

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FULL FASHIONID PURE SILK CREPE HOSE 42-Gauge 45 reader Uiat d'ws not even begin to equal llte of the newsprint involved In the produc- tion of the newspaper. The Packsack By GREGORY CLARK number of us who do not In ■A the least mind somebody reading over our shoulders must be extremely •mall. I Roiil a Carriaya or Btroi'or •hlla abop OHiy w Kh Mby 34o AU Day 14 WANTEC4-FEMAU HELP ^ |'l KRCRAL m CLP ARD CARB TWO CRIL- I 1-4 drti^ (hr»« Sap* wtokiy Lift oat. o 3SU ^ TTAl RORBanit-Md Bf" BB RBa't ARD AX rapabt*. lor am all modarn ahop In ont of aur bicmi i SU irle U. UIT oo*amai*at Btroai OSI33 ROBINSON'S A CADBMT DANCf RO, PBRCXBO. the of- j chon, each roughly 30 miles north of I fleer aald. eral of the Ph Ulpplnes Uiat air crews and ground crews Korean corps headquarters organ- alike have uken this Job In their SDMONTON. they did not oppose esch other m B « IB ,81 I I ¥■• nytog the Great Clrt Urouumalntenawu on U^ieium trip, but look snd their pllou ssld It wssnt I ^ He told the opening session of the oons Utuencles where they had a V I Kllllll^r I iklll H 14 - I to Alaska, the Aleut an Mgrourxd crews win be based along nd 1 Sicwart Hobcrt Mii. heaviest term of seven years to the Burma, ending with the rank of if u continufa Its expected course, Fammarlring erewi wtih ruu»e penitentiary. praol- ' elected to the ^^donunen U lubmiued by defence dent of the Ward 8ta Ratepayer! A Uvaly Mc Uon campaign le ex- j Ka Infancy | ludge a Al H was ‘"to be premuned ae wirvri MM Fatigue and s Ualn line the facea of Washington a Ute patrolmen Allen Kueat u*d strike I vole. - ,, - Mia M*i UU-s a*itt*4 41 ta WMir«ai W y T*r Buikiudi'***' Ralare : } tell the KUif of the hta JUi trmjbira that forc-r^i h U raalcnaitou l Atrr he headed for his home I'onatttuency of Brlatol for a rvt. khorily Ui *reei|(tt h U Brlatol aeat in Parllammi TORONTO. They say it has been proved that some effluent could get into the leaky main even though wate; is pouring out of the leak. dtiirtt puaiuon aa companion or cart for luva Xld to pritalo ho A* B ox 43B4 . Roads leading from Pyongyang and 80 milea southeast I ^or\gyang to Sukchon and Sun- of the Manchurian border. Jolui Huigicy that you Were an officer and a 8^®°“ ov* Mexico tonight The new plans win give crews and I _ Hutchinson f o u n d ; ■ toward the rich St. I At present the squadron has 12 from Grande Prairie to Edmonton. A".,^A,cncr.lln, wind, up lo , *" ' 90 miles an hour near Us core- bore MUST CONTINI'E across the Ouf of Mexico tonight Mr Wbmer alao told the eon- toward the rich St. Htogley and Hutchlii- major when discharged striking the gulf coast sometime Ision did not affect the sutus of conditions in new srew U one of Min were each sentenced to six yeara he I960 trades licence by-law 1 the squadron’s biggest traintog prob- . ' j (oing to have a bumpy rood to ride .counse L Robartsem had held the Asaorla Uoci. Tills sc Uon will ronw' abnt^t If the present Impasse ennrinues t OTT. Oit ao Ro H Tbomaoa praaldent of the Uaiwdiau Oa Qj Newapapen Aaaociation. In areas of low water pressure like Saauiich engineers agree with the medical authorities, who claim this Is an even greater danger. Colunlat T APY IJf'jr B TO~TARB“c OMPLr T* 4J chary* of antoll otor*. Coloa Ut io^rineb ~mmst wot;^ ~ldw poa JUuw la doctor'a oflie*. Today we concede Joe OUiaena nght to watch all the way and make aura that the mighty don’t get too snug In the dnver’t aeat. If the theory doesn't always work out In practice, that s no reason for Junking it The people have a right to ail In the gallery when their businem la being discussed Bo has th Mr agent, the press A reporter may be a little guy in a baggy suit, but you can't shoo kirn away like a tramp, because a hundred thousand people are looking over his shoulder. For example, a dog does not like even Ita own master or mistress to come In over Its shoulder while it feeds. Bpin Mr Aaartt UD Bbtancr Banciani Sp IBMr MAft RIAGKS Am* Rap Uauyhtar os ITS Siauahtar oa 174 •i Buyhtar ob ITS Orrbttlrn Orchcal TB Nrwa Lea Btardtlty Lra Btaidilty two B«ardaiap OOI.

PANTIES One •( eur nte«*i eeiecuei.t mean aoiei: siesitun iarfe rebel Wvd 81$ has shut the kitchen door and refused to open It. not elected, and therefore la entitled tu exclude Uie public. and two reporters: "I made it clear this meeting was to be held in private. boy* now ih* *“''1 whteh -w Mt an* from the wcev ion fund drive ZTtioo Z r X -r*- new 1100.000 Rjthrt Hill rewr Toir. Tha effort of concentration which we now put into reading may be akin to thw eoneentrati OQ we used to put on our food back in the days when we wera nearer the dog in nature.

' Clrcula Upn of the S7 Canadian Dally Newspaper Aseoolation mem- ber newspapers U 3.440.000. Thomson mentioned, ano 11 U al- moat Impoaslble to keep abreast of current need for news' govern. It might be rea.vonable to sny that ninety-nine out of a hundred of us actively dislike anyone reading over our shoulder. possibly twenty-five resent It w hotly that it amouitts to a sort of phobia.

Viele unserer Beratungsangebote und Initiativen unterstützen Risikofamilien und nutzen deren vorhandene Ressourcen, um Armut und Ausgrenzung zu reduzieren.… continue reading »

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5 probability that the population will eventually evolve to 100 percent A and a 0. ANTIINFLAMMATORIES MUCOLYTICS EXPECTORANTS ANTIOXIDANTS h. Thus, i(0)0K1e0 K2e0 K1 K2 0 K1 K2 To use the second initial condition, observe that di L (0) 1 v L(0) dt L and we note that the inductor voltage can change instantaneously; i. GOptions Presents its Binary Options Mission Statement Our mission is based on providing the highest level of service to a very discerning trader.2005), GAP-43 (Cameron et al. Outlook is also linked strongly to Internet Explorer, although technically theyre separate programs. 1 Principles of Regulation of Ion Channels The cell uses various mechanisms to trigger and regulate the flow of ions through ion channels.… continue reading »

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